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"I recently went to Dr. T's office. I just want to tell you that everyone in the office were great. They made my visit very nice. The best thing is going to a family that has God in there daily life. Go you will not be sorry." - Evelyn W.

"Great service! I can honestly say that Dr. Tzendzalian saved my teeth! I thought I had decent dental hygiene but he showed me that I had worsening periodontitis and if I didn't make changes to my habits, I could lose my teeth by age 40! None of my other dentists had bothered to mention this to me before or perhaps they didn't know enough to see it. But Dr. T is extremely knowledgeable and sincerely cares for people. My teeth and gums are now the healthiest they have ever been. Thank you Dr. T!" - Daniel C.

"There is no better dentist in town! And while Dr. T is not the least expensive one, the service and the durability of his service are well worth it. I love him and the entire staff - I always feel well cared for and valued." - Donna W.

"Wonderful place! Everyone is caring, nice, smiling, and so sweet! It's a lovely visit every time. Couldn't ask for a better dentist!" - Christina J.

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3608 Shannon Rd, #205
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Phone: (919) 402-9200